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(o͞oˈmämēˈäləjē) // noun

The study of the elusive fifth element of taste in foods (besides sweet, sour, salty, and bitter), is often described as the unexplainable rich & savory essence of deliciousness that can’t be conveyed with words.


As the son of a retired pastry chef, DK has always had a special connection with flavorful foods. While his path, in the first half of his life, took him down the marketing route working for large tech companies – even his corporate work has always led him back to food, as he’s spent most of his 18-year career traveling to over 14 different countries, sampling the rich and delectable flavors of fine regional & international cuisines.

These dynamic culinary experiences enlightened DK to realize that amazing flavors transcend cultures and borders and that true umami is achieved by a fusion of tastes – where every essence hits like a symphony of delicious notes across a taster’s palette.

And that notion became the basis upon which Umamiology was founded, in 2023. 

The charter of Umamiology is to bring the reader to the intersection of delectable recipes fusing with flavor, robust food photography that feeds the eyes, and creative prose that whets the appetite in thought – all to bring to life the umami within our culinary dishes.

It is essentially the study of flavor and how it manifests in taste, sight, and thought.


What You’ll Find On

  • Recipes that emphasize flavor and taste
  • Use of authentic ingredients (whenever possible)
  • Recipes that are kitchen tested
  • Recipes that are creative and enjoyable to make

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