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Best Aburi Sushi In Vancouver BC

Published on 03/05/2024 by Umamiology
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I’ve had the best Aburi Sushi in my life during my last trip to Vancouver BC! This absolutely mouth-watering, flame seared sushi simply melted in my mouth, leaving an incredibly savory flavor that lasted long after the dinner was done.


Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

  • The Vibe: Cozy Japanese cafe/bar feel, with warm lighting & ambiance
  • Must Order: Smoked Oshi, Salmon Oshi, any Oshi Sushi (they are all good!)
  • Food: ★★★★★
  • Service: ★★★★★
  • Price: $$$

Vancouver BC, one of the major cities in the western-most portion of Canada is known for being a beautifully scenic area.

And with its large Asian population (approximately 48% Asian as of 2021), it’s also home to amazing Korean, Chinese & Japanese food – and in particular, Aburi Sushi.

Hands down, the best Aburi Sushi restaurant in Vancouver BC, is none other than – Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen.

What Is Aburi Sushi?


Aburi sushi is a Japanese style of sushi where the fish is seared with a blowtorch before being served. This technique lightly cooks the outer layer of the fish while leaving the inside raw.

The torching adds a smoky flavor and enhances the texture of the fish, creating a unique dining experience. This sushi is typically served as nigiri or rolls and has a rich umami smell and taste to it.

Ambiance – Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen


When you first enter Kishimoto, you’ll notice that it has a cozy, cafe feel to it. It’s not the most spacious eatery, but it does have enough room to feel comfortable. On the flip side, the space is enclosed enough to make you feel the welcoming tone and ambiance of the sushi bar and kitchen.


Oshi Sushi – Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

The best item on Kishimoto’s menu are their Oshi Sushi.

Oshi Sushi means pressed sushi. Aburi Sushi means seared sushi. Kishimoto’s aburi sushi is all pressed – so on their menu, you’ll see it listed under Oshi Sushi.

Their Oshi Sushi comes in 6-8 flame-kissed nigiri pieces, exuding a warm, savory aroma as they’re brought to the table.


We ordered the Salmon Oshi and Spicy Tuna Oshi. The Salmon Oshi comes topped with torched salmon, creamy sauce and a slice of jalapeno. The Spicy Tuna Oshi comes with chopped tuna mixed with spicy sauce and miso, sitting atop a bed of deep fried rice to add that extra crispy texture.

The sauces they put on are light and fragrant, without being too overbearing or excessively rich. Paired with the torched flavor of the fish – it creates a deep umami taste that is unlike anything you’ve had before.

Smoked Oshi – Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen


Out of everything this restaurant serves, the Smoked Oshi Sushi is easily the star dish. It’s a single piece of Salmon Oshi Sushi that’s seared and infused with delicious cherry wood smoke. The combination is an earthy, smokey initial flavor profile that hits your senses, followed by the delectable melt-in-your-mouth texture and taste of the Salmon Oshi.

Make sure you order one of these (or two) if you ever get a chance to visit Kishimoto – you won’t regret it.

Other Dishes

Finally, there are plenty of other amazing dishes at Kishimoto – like their Umami Mushroom Soup, Agedashi Mochi, and selection of delectable sushi rolls.

Their baked fish is also incredibly flavorful, I’ve heard, though I didn’t get a chance to order that on my last trip.

Additionally, they have a seasonal section to their menu, which showcases new items that they’ve curated for that particular period.

Check out their menu to see their full lineup of their delicious offerings. You’ll also find a good list of refreshing cocktails as well.

The Verdict


If you’re in Vancouver BC, and you love sushi, this is a must-go restaurant. The Aburi Sushi alone is worth the trip!

But it’s definitely a popular place, so get there early or make a reservation for larger parties.


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